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As I continue to learn, I figured out the problem with trying to install different packages and why they would cause other to think they were installed. I obviously fixed this using makepkginfo to find out the correct keys.

Now my question comes to licensing. My take is that if an Adobe product is being installed via munki, I can create a pre-serialized installation package, since munki runs the installer. Nate Walck. In regards to serialization, I prefer to do a trial and serialize separately. If you have multiple serial numbers this allows you more flexibility. Nate Sent from my iPhone. Gregory Neagle. On 8 nov. If you numero de serie adobe audition cs6 yahoo free Photoshop using a CS6 Suite license, you\’ve burned an numero de serie adobe audition cs6 yahoo free license.

I did the same, we have a campus license which basically allows us to install any CS6 Suite app on any machine. This does not allow you to use the same license to install Illustrator on a different machine. I tend to just install the entire Suite since that\’s what the license covers. As the entire suite is somewhat heavy, I offer the good people of my university the ability to install a subset of the entire suite most people are interested only in Photoshop and Acrobat Pro, some in Illustrator as well, only the DP department wants Indesign on top of that.

I indeed had to modify the installs key to point to the specific app that is installed this way. To sum up, I created serialized installer packages including the overrides file to point to an internal update server using AAMEE and then imported them numero de serie adobe audition cs6 yahoo free munki.

Since we have a site license, I do not have to worry about multiple licenses or wasting a license when only installing a subset of the suite. I know this is pretty basic, but hopefully it will help someone else who is learning.

Next stop is dealing with updates! Обычно, logic pro x mastering template free Zajkowski. Just wanted to mention that we do this as well. We\’re in the process of migrating separate business units into one system management setup, so we have a hojillion different license codes for Adobe tools.

To save disk space, we moved the serial number to postflights, which means we share the dmg but have different plists per business unit. This is a long process to resolve, but it\’s getting there.

I thought about doing the trial packages and then running the prtk at first, but since we have the site license, it makes things much simpler. If we do have other licenses pop up or somebody needs an older versionI\’ll handle it on an individual basis.

I do plan on baking in the trial version to a few images for labs and using a payload free package to serialize it. Thanks for the example! I guess the best course of action would be to create the trial package, import it into munki, install on the \”master\” machine, take an image and deploy, and then make the prtk package and update for the trial.

After typing all that out, I should just switch to using numero de serie adobe audition cs6 yahoo free packages and the prtk required script for everything! Thanks, — Harry Sent from my iPhone. So I do have one more issue with this. Numero de serie adobe audition cs6 yahoo free Adobe product that gets installed for CS6 is going to generate this, so like my previous problem, if I install just Acrobat Pro X, and then try to install Master Collection, munki thinks it is already installed.

To correct this, I generated the install keys using makepkginfo –file on a clean install and dumped this into a copy of the pkginfo for Adobe CS6 Master Collection and appended Test to the name so it shows up differently in MSU. On a clean install, this works correctly. I would have expected it to say Not Installed, but not Update Available. Again, I жмите сюда the original pkginfo file, appended \”Test\” to the name, display name, and file name so it would who up separately in MSU.

Any thoughts? I don\’t have enough detail about what you\’ve done and what you are seeing. See below. However, after running Adobe updates on a machine. Maybe a more simple question. If munki, while running its install checks against a package\’s installs key finds that some of the listed packages are installed and numero de serie adobe audition cs6 yahoo free are not, does it return Update Available instead of Not Installed?

Hugh Burt. I used Munki to install it on all the machines жмите. If I understand some of the unstated context, no, Munki should consider the item not installed. The Immoral Tristy. Could you provide details of what you\’ve done? Sent from my iPhone.

Numero de serie adobe audition cs6 yahoo free Mason. It\’s on one of my Mountain Lion servers but could reside on any box running web services. You then setup up the web services for delivery. This is as far as I have completed. Next is to get the Clients to use the local repo for updates instead of calling home which involves re-configuring Adobe Application Manager AdobeUpdater. This is todays task. If your interested i\’ll report back on the основываясь на этих данных. With this setup you can get AAMEE to pull updates from your repo when generating masters instead of calling home also.

At this point in the process you still need a \”window\” to run updates as you still require admin authentication. My next task is to look at Codename Remote Update Manager to run updates managed without the need for admin rights and and update \”window\” so that you get similar functionality to Munki ie managed updates without the need for admin authentication.

All the tools are available from Adobe and bar the poor documentation are so far easy to implement. As before it\’s a work in progress and there\’s much to do but it may be an option for some. I understand how Adobe RUM and the local update repo work. RUM just updates Adobe apps. It doesn\’t interact with any logged in user. What happens if RUM tries to update Adobe apps that are in use? How do you find out what\’s been updated? How do you get notified of any errors or problems? What happens if RUM runs when no-one is logged in?

Do all updates apply successfully in that situation? I looked at that documentation before and that led to some of my confusion. Is that correct, or are there other variables that would cause the status to report \”Update Available\” instead of \”Not Installed\”.

My next step is to go through the installs keys in the pkgsinfo one by one to see if Adobe potentially did something strange with one of their updates that either didn\’t increase the version number logically or maybe moved the location of an application. There is no user interaction. That is why we run it when the machines startup, which is 30 mins before the first class.

All the updates, if any, are then done and dusted. Output numero de serie adobe audition cs6 yahoo free written to a log file, simply a \”0\” if successful or a \”1\” if not.

Munki is not involved in any way. Here is an example of the output Seems like all products are up-to-date. Timothy Sutton. I know of at least one update in CS6 that won\’t update properly at the login window patching manually or using Munkithe most recent Flash Pro update. On the original topic, after working through the different installs keys, I found that Adobe screwed up the versioning for Audition clean install version 5.

Temporarily I fixed the issue by commenting out the entries for each of the above in the the installs key. I believe I can fix Speed Grade by editing its version to 6. I\’m not deploying Adobe updates using munki yet, so I won\’t have a problem at the moment, however, this may creep back to bite me in the future if I don\’t work around it correctly.


Numero de serie adobe audition cs6 yahoo free


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Numero de serie adobe audition cs6 yahoo free


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