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Nuance Paperport 14 : Making Life Easier – Review & SECRET Coupon

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Others Others. When I did this, I lost all my shortcuts. The program did resume working, but the delays returned immediately. While PP9 would allow you to quickly stack multiple items, PP14 stacks, then you watch the blue circle as the program is doing something. What is unacceptable is that despite all these criticism on Amazon reviews, it does not appear that Nuance has done anything to address the many complaints that have turned up.

This was a very useful program for both storing documents in different directories, assembling pages and stacking, and editing or erasing parts of documents, but it must be an orphan because I can\’t tell that Nuance does anything except take money from people.

This is a product that is simply not fit for the purpose for which it was intended. Even a minimum amount of maintenance to correct some glaring problems would be welcome.

There is no excuse for a simple stack of three documents to take 15 seconds or more to complete. I am using a quad-core 3. I bought a copy of File Center and am planning to install and test it.

While the software mostly does what it is supposed to, there are some glaring problems with it. The search feature is terrible. I scanned my water bills and added them to the indexer. Later, I needed to find a water bill and searched on the word \”water\” using the indexer only. You\’d think the software could find the word \”water\” in a water bill, where it is mentioned in the billing statement about 10 times, but it couldn\’t!!!

Yes, the word is in the index, because I checked the text that was created for the document and \”water\” is clearly in the indexed text. And it was added to the \”all-in-one\” indexer several times. Oddly, if I copy a line of text from the indexed text list, with the word \”water\” in it, like \”water revenue bureau\”, directly into the search box, it finds the phrase.

Another extremely annoying \”feature\” is that the \”all-in-one\” indexer dialog box constantly pops up when Paperport can\’t find a document during a search. Of Course, this is constant. I don\’t want that. I can do it manually. No way to turn it off. There\’s no way to adjust the size of document thumbnails to something large enough to be readable, forcing you to unnecessarily open up a file to see what it is.

That brings up the indexing feature, which goes through each document and extracts keywords to use for searching. It takes a HUGE amount of time for anything more than a few hundred files. I mean hours and hours. I suspect it is actually getting hung up, because I see no progress in the progress bar. There is a way to prevent it from trying to index a problem file in the index manager. Luckily, with the index manager, you can specify individual folders and sub-folders to index so you don\’t always have to index your whole mass of files at once.

Want to compare two or more separate documents? You\’ll have to use Adobe Acrobat for that. Too bad, you\’ll have to go back to PDFviewerPlus. If there was another home office document manager around, I would buy it. Absolutely LAME. I have used PP in some free variation for a while and decided to upgrade to the professional edition. When used on my work network shares when I change folders the screen whitewashes out and becomes unusable, often for several minutes. I called tech support. What did the tech support person say?

It\’s a known issue and PP14 Pro isn\’t supported on a network. What the heck do they think professionals use? Cans and a string? So I can add network locations, mapped drives, etc. And they have no intention of fixing it on 2 year old software. I hung in for 5 years trying to use this PP 14 Pro software, hoping that Nuance would fix the bugs and give us software that functions reliably. The only reason for my patience is the absence of competing software with the same functionality.

Every time it would crash, usually times a year, I would contact tech support, usually requiring a lengthy process to uninstall and re-install.

The latest go around over the past 3 weeks came after multiple \”Parameter is Incorrect\” error messages and uninstall and re-install exercises. The tech support technician finally admitted that the program will keep malfunctioning if I don\’t move all Paperport files onto the C; drive instead of a different Data drive!! With all its functions and features, these prices are justifiable. Imagine yourself paying somebody to retype all of your documents just for you to be able to properly manage them.

With Paperport 14, you will not only just save time, but you will be more efficient with your tasks! It may be quite expensive, if you think about it, but thanks to this special offer available for you! Just click here for that offer. You will be more than relieved with those mountains of paper-works converted into manageable, searchable files. Tags: document documents free trial nuance nuance paperport paper port paperport paperport pro pdf Windows.

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NO Spammy Daily Email. View Product. Document and Paper Windows Software. Save Saved Removed 1. Scanners that communicate via ISIS drivers. Notes: The installation of PaperPort does not install any scanner drivers. The PaperPort Scan Manager includes the option to operate the scanner with using the scanner\’s native interface.

When scanning without the native interface, the scanning profiles within PaperPort will control the scanner settings. When scanning with the native interface, PaperPort may not be able to control all of the scanner\’s settings. I\’ve always likened it to an electronic filing cabinet for your PC, as it relies on a simple folder structure for managing your scans. So instead of storing all your old bills, tax returns, receipts, and the like, just scan \’em and toss \’em.

PaperPort lets you fill out scanned forms, clean up scanned photos, convert scanned documents into editable text, and much more. There\’s also the new PaperPort Anywhere service, which extends document management to \”the cloud\” or \”the Internet\” for those of you who hate buzzwords.

With it you can make documents available online or on your smartphone free apps are available for Android and iOS. PaperPort Anywhere starts you off with 1GB of free storage; if you need more, it\’s available for a price, of course.



Nuance paperport professional 14.0 review free.Kofax PaperPort Review

I copied a Word file to the drive, for example, edited and saved it, and then created a new file and saved it directly to the drive, as Only in the Cloud. Recognizes text. Drag a file to the Microsoft Outlook icon, for example, and PaperPort will open a new email message, with the file attached. Which, just at the moment, I definitely am PaperPort Pro excels when it comes to the core features of document management. Absolutely LAME.


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